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Beastly Boyz

NRGenre: Horror, Thriller
Year: Duration: 74 MinView: 13 views
5 votes, average 2.4 out of 10

Rachel, a beautiful young artist, is savagely murdered at her secluded lakefront house by a group of soulless killers. Enraged and shocked by his sister’s senseles murder, Rachel’s brother, Travis, vows to avenge her murder and punish her killers one by one – even if it costs him his soul. Guided by his sister’s ghostly voice that commands him to take brutal revenge, Travis hunts down each of the killers and punishes them in gruesome fashion. Sickened by the horror of his own murderous actions, and driven by his murdered sister’s vengeful spirit, Travis discovers a fate much worse than murder…

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Tagline:Drop Dead Dangerous
Budget:$ 683.558,00