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Nonton Togainu no Chi Season 1 Episode 4

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Togainu no Chi Season 1 Episode 4

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Rin finds Akira after he was dragged off by Takeru. Soon they encounter Tomoyuki, who is someone from Rin’s past. But he just ignores him and tells him to shut up. Akira and Rin have a short conversation as they get back to the hotel and meet up with Motomi. There Keisuke sees Akira and is happy is okay. Rin comes with a bag full of solids and water and asks them if they want to do something fun. They all eat and chat on the roof of a building. At nighttime, Shiki appears and slays a group Line addicts. One person yells that he has appeared and Rin jumps at hearing his name. Akira runs after Rin but instead encounters Shiki in a nearby alley. They have a short fight, which Akira end sup on the ground. Shiki picks him up and pins him against the wall, asking if he really wants to die. He then starts choking him, but Akira fights back by folding up and kicking him away. Shiki is amused by this and tells him he’ll play with him again soon. As he walks off, Akira is oddly energized by this and states “So that’s… Shiki.”

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